QASymphony, a leading software developer for Quality Management solutions for QA Testers, have released a free software testing eBook “What You Need to Know About Software Testing in the Agile Era” which offers some useful and advanced techniques for the modern testers of today.

Free Software Testing eBook - What You Need to Know About ST in the Agile Era

QASymphony are the company behind qtest, a Test Management tool; and qSnap which is a free screen capture and documentation plug-in tool which can be used across different browsers.

Having overtaken waterfall as the dominant approach, agile is the way forward. Considering the revolution that agile has brought in the Software Testing world in past years, this eBook imparts some practical advice from industry experts suggesting the right approach to tackle any new testing project.

There is a quote in the book which I liked, “The ideal tester is an advocate for the end-user.”

A snippet from the official blog about this Book…

Broken into four short articles, “What you Need to Know” is a vital read for testing practitioners in the field. It identifies a real need to update and reimagine roles to cater for the agile methodology and explains why the right testing methods are essential. Practical steps to meet the changes required are laid out in the following order:

1.            Reimagining the Tester for the Agile Age

2.            Finding the Right Mix with your Testing Methods

3.            Surprising Truth about Exploratory Testing

4.            Building Good Tests: Why, What, How?

“It’s time to reevaluate how we approach testing and to blend techniques that are capable of providing the transparency and flexibility that modern software development demands. We hope to foster a greater spirit of community across the testing profession.”

You can download the eBook now using the below button…

I would strongly recommend reading this book as it provides an insight into the current testing trends and a new way to approach a vast range of testing projects.

If this software testing resource proves useful to you, do share your opinion about the book in the comments below so that the fellow QueSTers can get to know more about the book!

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